Funeral for a Blue Jay

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We gather here, my backyard friends:

The squirrels, the birds, and me,

To mourn the passing on of one

Whose spirit now soars free.

With a peanut for the Ferryman,

And a slab to seal his tomb,

Laid down in a bed of flowers,

In deference to his plume.

How fortunate it was, they’ll say,

That he wore his Sunday best,

On this, the fateful afternoon

Of his Eternal rest.

And now my humble eulogy:

Gossip bird,

Sharp and shrill,

Free to scream:

“I NEVER will!”

He took up space,

And puffed and spun,

And told the Sky:

“I AM the Sun!”

His spirit soars,

From shelled remains,

This Bird we knew as

Bluest James.

- Jessica Lalonde, 2021.

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